Wellness 4 Person Outdoor Spa For Villa Garden

Compared to ordinary bath, the current outside massage therapy medspa pool design is more humane. In addition to the powerful surf massage therapy function, it also has advanced features such as an intelligent continuous temperature level system, an intelligent control board, and also automatic drainage as well as drain. Really feel the limitless benefit brought by innovation to life.

Add some highlights

*Hydrotherapy Zones
It offers distinct hydrotherapy zones with varying jet intensities, enabling you to customize your massage experience for different parts of your body.

*Stress Relief
Regular use of the hot tub can contribute to reduced stress levels, providing a serene space to escape from daily pressures and unwind.

*Enhanced Mood
Soaking in a hot tub has the potential to uplift your mood, helping you unwind, release tension, and experience a sense of tranquility.

  • China
  • 50000
  • ZR7103
  • 4 seats
  • 2000*1550*810mm
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Product Paramenters 

Basic jacuzzi upkeep

For beginners, do NOT think of your Jacuzzi as a teensy little pool. While jacuzzi chemicals do respond the like in a swimming pool, dealing with a hot tub is completely different. Just maintain believing, it doesn't have a diving board or the alligator drifter like the pool, so it's not a pool. It does nonetheless require the same standard treatment. Water blood circulation, hot tub cleansing, and also keeping an eye on the chemistry, all operate in consistency as an essential part of Jacuzzi Maintenance.


Keeping it actual means keeping it clean

A few standard things go a LONG way in jacuzzi maintenance.


Whether you've obtained an indoor or outside hot tub, it is prone to creating scum. If it's outdoors, you will additionally require to keep an eye out for leaves, twigs, wind-blown garbage as well as perhaps even a stray pest. Guarantee you are keeping the waterline and seats clear for a clean hot tub and to avoid possible water concerns.


On a once a week schedule, tidy your hot tub jets as well as covering making use of a sponge with some white vinegar on it. This can be utilized to scrub away the residue line on the edge of the waterline also.


Ensure you're cleaning the within of the jacuzzi as usual as feasible and wiping down the shell too. While you remain in cleansing mode anyway, offer your jacuzzi a fast twice utilizing a 10% bleach solution. This functions best to keep mildew away.


While weekly cleaning is important vital hot tub care, intend on draining your hot tub every three to four months for detailed cleaning. Best to do it more often though if you've obtained a period of numerous visitors or make use of it on the go. Think about it like filling the household bathtub and also everybody using it over and over, at all times, icky ... simply disgusting.


Tip: Because life occurs all the time, it's possibly best to establish a timer when re-filling the hot tub after you've cleansed it. This will certainly stay clear of those unpleasant overflow tales you would require to awkw



    4 Person Outdoor Spa

Control system

Balboa BP200G2 + TP500S +3kw heater


4 seats

Power supply



Underwater lighting


 Shell colors

7 colors for options

Jet Configurations 

 Shell material

US Aristech  Acrylic

Total Jets


 Pumps (UL,CE, KC approved)

Hydrotherapy Jets(3.5'')


 Circulation Pump

1*0.35HP (WTC50)

Hydrotherapy Jets(2.5'')


 Jet pump 

1*3HP (LP300)

Hydrotherapy Jets(2'')



Hydrotherapy Jets(1'')


Product dimension


 Dry weight


 Filled weight(with water inside)








 Air valve


UV sterilizer


 Drainage outlet



 Headrest pillows(pc)


Payment terms: T/T 30% down payment, 70% before shipment
Delivery time: Within 30 days  after down payment
Port of Loading: HUANGPU , CHIINA
Warranty: 2-5 Years subject to different parts
Quotation validity: 30days

 Support frame



PS(optional colors)

 Shell insulation



ABS with PVC


 Product Description 

hot water tub outdoor

1. Usage
The SPA pool is used as a product for physiotherapy, relaxation and leisure, and can be used in restrooms, sun rooms,
basements,swimming pools, villa courtyards and other leisure places. The jacuzzi can only be used in the bathroom package.

2. The effect of hydrotherapy massage
The SPA pool achieves a massage effect through some jets that transmit water and air. The flowing hot water jets can relax the muscles and help release the body's natural analgesics. The jet strength of the SPA pool is 5-10 times that of the jacuzzi. There are more than ten kinds of multifunctional massage nozzles for different parts. The principle of ordinary massage bathtub is to spray water and air through nozzles, but the strength, angle and massage parts are not as good as SPA pools.

3. Cleaning and maintenance
The unique comprehensive filtration and disinfection system of SPA hydrotherapy pool, large paper core ozone, ultraviolet rays,can keep the water quality clear, at least one month does not need to change the water. However, the residual sewage in the pipes and equipment will produce bacteria every few days without using the Jacuzzi. When you use it next time, the bacteria will enter the Jacuzzi through the nozzle, invade your skin and cause damage. Release water.

Compared with ordinary massage bathtubs, the current outdoor massage SPA pool design is more humane. In addition to the power fulsurf massage function, it also has advanced functions such as an intelligent constant temperature system, an intelligent control panel, and automatic drainage and drainage. Feel the infinite convenience brought by technology to life.

 Customer Case 

outdoor garden hot tub

4 Person Outdoor Spa

Your Benefits to cooperate with us:

* With self-molding design and produce, ODM & OEM are warmly welcomed
* Over 16 years manufacturer experience for swim spas and hot tubs
* 45,000 square metre spa hot tub factory * ISO 9001:2000 for quality control systems
* CE, ROHS, SAA, ETL, CB, TUV certified, our standard spa equipped with Aristech, Balboa and LX Pumps.

* 2~5 years warranty

hot water tub outdoor

outdoor garden hot tub

Factory Show

Company Style
Panorama of LOVIASPAS Company
Exhibition Activities
2019 Wellness exhibiton in Barcelona Spain.
1.What about the warranty?
A: (1) Structure: 5years; (2) Shell: 3years (3) Jets,Valves, Drainage,Pillow, Suction,Skirt,Pipes: 2years; (4) Electrics: 2 years; (5) Filter: 2 years; (6) Other accessories:2 years...more
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